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The Shacke Gift Guide for the holidays (or any occasion!)

Posted by Ann R on

Gifts can be hard but not if you’re looking in the right place! Here at Shacke, we believe that we have everything each in your family and friend will love!

1. The Shacke Pak

The Shacke Pak is our best selling product. Thousands of people rave about it and we believe so will your loved ones! With 8 colors to choose from there’s enough to give each of your family member or friends their own unique set!

Best for:

Friends: For your girlfriends so you can all travel in style, with a corresponding color to match each girlfriend’s personality

Mom and Dad: To help them on their next trip

2. The Feather Pak

The Featherpak is a great lightweight bag that everyone should definitely have. Anyone you give it to will surely love you! There are three colors to choose from so no one need to be the same if you’re planning to give it to a couple of hiking enthusiast friends.

Best for:

Two of your closest gal/guy pals and for yourself: If your trio of friends just love going on day hikes and have a kick it out of having matching bags

Siblings: For your brother/sister who likes to go out and about in nature

3. The Pocket Vault

A great travel wallet that will secure passports and money. Anyone cautious and smart traveler will appreciate this gift.

Best for:

Uncles and Aunts: Usually older people are very cautious about their belongings when traveling and your uncle and aunt preparing for their holiday trips will love using this

4. Our Luggage Tags

Our colorful tags are great for luggage since they are easy to spot wherever you are. Some people even like to put these tags on normal school bags and kids love it. There are 12 unique designs to love so no one should ever be the same!

Best for:

Little Cousins: This may not be the gift itself but it’s nice to put into any goodie bags you plan to give away to those other family members

5. Our Shoehorns

Our shoehorn as especially designed to help elderly people put on their shoes, as well disabled people. 

Best for:

Grandparents: Delight your grandpa or grandma by giving them an extra hand to put on their shoes!