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Should I Really Get Myself Some Luggage Tags?

Posted by Ann on

When travelling, it's rare that airlines would tell require passengers to put a luggage tag on their bags. As passengers usually witness airlines printing our long sticky tags, they feel assured that their bags will get to their destination. But is that all that really matters? Apparently not, as many people have occasionally experienced the lost of tags over time. It's not that sticky tags aren't 100% effective but at the end of the day, they are sticky tags and you should think about the possibility of it being torn off. Also it will definitely not help you locate your bag easier in a sea of black and blue luggage.

So here's why you should consider getting yourself some tags and which tag should you consider

Is this your bag?
Like what has already been reiterated, no matter how much you feel your bag stands out, when it comes to a busy airport it more likely will meet a twin or two. But if you're more of a classic luggage look type of person then prepare yourself to be dizzy with the numerous look-alikes on the carousel. You'll be one of those people you hate who randomly keeps on pulling bags and putting them back. Luggage tags will really come in handy at this point, especially unique tags, since you will know that it's yours immediately.

Luggage tag strength

Nowadays, luggage tags can be pretty much bought anywhere at every design. It's a tendency for us to choose the prettiest and brightest, because of course the more unique it, the easier to spot our bag right? Well, it's true yes, but you also have to consider how strong would this pretty tag be. The prettiest may not be the sturdiest. If there's another thing as worse as losing luggage, it would be to think that you lost a luggage. If a tag doesn't arrive with your bag, just imagine the hours you will spend looking for a bag with a tag that no longer exists. What a headache. 

Not to discourage other tags out there, because sometimes it's not actually the tag that is a problem but rather the strap. A metal tag may be attached to a not so sturdy strap which of course cancels out the tag strength. Make sure to choose metal or leather SHORT straps. Emphasis on the short, as long straps can get caught in various situations which can be the ultimate reason for the it to be pulled off. 


What if I don't want my information seen on the tags?

That is a good concern as many people has had the same problem. Great tag, sturdy strap, but open enough for everyone to know when you live. A good way to go around this is to only write your initials, your contact number, destination (accommodation at your destination), and perhaps an email. Writing your home address won't be exactly what's needed, unless you're going home. Some tags also over covers now for full privacy of information, just like our Shacke Tags.

Double security

If you still don't feel secure enough with tags, then go ahead and put your information inside the bag  or stick it on the bag. This way, if your tag does break off then any airport personnel who checks your bag will be able to see your information.

Should I get a tag for my carry-on as well?

When you're on the subject of securing your luggage and bags, then yes, go ahead and get your carry-on a tag as well. Why? Because airport security can be a little unpredictable honestly. You will never know when they might require you to check-in your bag. This will help you be prepared for any possibility.

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