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4 Ways to Keep Your Documents Safe (And Always With You) During Your Travels

Posted by Ann R on

Losing important documents while travelling is one of the most pain-in-the-neck experience you can go through. Especially if their important in your entrance, transit and exit of a specific places. If you have experienced this first-hand or were with someone during this tough time then you would understand what I meant. However, if you are one of the lucky few who have never been through this ordeal, then thank your lucky stars and prepare yourself to never had to go through it.

Most travelers will usually go with the paper route. Print all documents, carry them to the destination, but we've hear stories of traveler's accommodation being broken into then what's next? There are also people who might be planning a travel for months ahead of time and it would be a total hassle to have papers carrying around as well as the fact that backpackers will tend to stay in the most affordable places rather than swankiest, meaning less security.

So how can you save your documents? A virtual copy of your documents is the best solution for you.

Why? Because this means you will have a copy of your documents, as long as you have a computer or a smart phone, as well internet which means you can access it everywhere without flaunting it or ending up forgetting it where it might get into the wrong hands.

Here are 4 ways to keep your documents.

1. Keep a copy in your own email account

Take a picture (under really good light, and natural light even better) with a really good camera. Make sure all the details of your documents can be read well in the picture. Send a copy to your own email. You can also send it to a family member or one of your most trusted friends.

2. Store them on a memory stick and take that instead.

USB drives are also a life saver. Make sure to get a really good USB, one that is preferably water-proof as you might not know where you adventure might take you. USB are also really easy to carry everywhere. You can put it in your pocket, attach to a keychain, or even wear it around your neck. This way you can carry your documents with you where you want

3. Store them in your choice of online cloud.
An online cloud means you can access your documents everywhere with just using your phone or laptop as long as you have internet. No need to carry a USB that might get lost. However, a challenge of this is finding good internet. If you files are big and a lot, downloading them might become a hassle.

4. Store them on your portable device or laptop.

Store them in your phone, tablet or laptop. Laptops can be a it risky, as I know many people don't like travelling with them to completely get into vacation mode. However, you can also store it on your phone since many travellers are taking pictures everywhere with their phones, as well as tablets.