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Differences Between Luggage Tags and Cruise Tags and Reasons Why You Should Get Them

Posted by Ann R on

Going on a trip? You must be looking for a luggage tag. However, the more you search, the more you will realize that the there are different kinds of tags depending on the method of travel you will take. 

The two most common kinds of tags you will encounter are Cruise Tags and Luggage Tags. So what's the difference?

Luggage Tags: They are usually used for flight luggages and come in different size, shapes and designs. Durability is important because you may be going through connecting flights and different airports handle luggage in different ways. Busier airports may have your bag piled on by dozens of bags and if your tag is not strong enough, your bag can easily end up nameless.

  • WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Leather straps and rubberized are good tags because you know they will not easily break off from your bag and the tag itself won't end up torn after rough handling. 
  • WHAT TO AVOID: Plastic or laminated tags are soft and bendable. There is a high chance they will get torn or break off from the straps after a few throws in the crazy world of airport luggage.

Cruise Tags: From the name itself, they are bags for cruises. Of course, it's unlikely that you will be moving from one ship to another, however, this doesn't mean that your luggage will have less chance off being mishandled. Cruise crew may be in a hurry and load your luggage along with many others. 

  • WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Loading bays will be by the port so it means there are they may get wet a bit. Waterproof tags are always the number one thing you should consider because although your tags may stay in place, if the name washes off, there's isn't a point for a tag at all. Also because water and leather don't really match well, steel straps are a plus at this point.

  • WHAT TO AVOID: Plastic or laminated tags are should also be avoided because if water ever comes near this material, they can become soft and tear off. The writing on it can also end up blurry or wash away.

At the end of the day, both tags will be used to keep you from losing your baggage and avoid hassles of going through any lost and found so you have to be wise and get something you know will be intact wherever your destination is.