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A Guide For Packing With Shacke Pak to Long Trips

Posted by Ann R on

Packing cubes are great for organizing clothes, and it truly is. However if you're new to the product, you'll start to think about about how these thin cubes will make enough space in your bag. You'll never really realize it once you use and and store it in your bags.

When you receive your very first Shacke Pak, it would be with a brochure suggesting things you can put in each pak depending on how long. But it doesn't really give any guide anymore past two weeks, such as a month or so of travel and then it becomes a question of whether the packing cubes will still be useful by then.

The answer is YES. Of course it is. However, unlike the usual outfit coordination methos of packing, it will all be about grouping your clothing.

Here is a basic guide of what items can fit in each cube.

  • EXTRA LARGE: This cube is best for bulky clothes because of it's incredibly large size.
    • Some of the things you can pack: hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets
    • You might think your jacket can't possibly fit into that small cube, but you'd be surprised at how strong the Shacke Pak Zipper is. You the usual space your bulky jacket takes us, can have fit two with the help of the extra large packing cube. If you're used to following the technique of putting the bulky clothes at the bottom of the pile, using packing cubes like this will help you avoid the messy situation when you pull out a sweater in case it gets cold.

  • LARGE: The cube is great for leg wear and dresses
    • Some of the things you can pack: pants, leggings, leg warmers, skirts, dresses
    • Short trips are no problem as usually you can repeat perhaps two pairs of pants, but when you're travelling for a month or more, bringing more than two pairs of pants can become a space consuming ordeal. Although the trick of putting your pants on the very top can work, it may be hard to go through all those layers of leg wear to get to your things.

  • MEDIUM: This cube fits tops well
    • Some of the things you can pack: tops, shirts, blouses, sleepwear, *underwear
    • The medium cube will fit 10-15 tops at best (sometimes more depending on the size of your tops and how good you fit it). Rolling tops can be most useful, as all you will need to do is get that cube pick out the top without affecting the other pieces. For women, it's also great to put your underwear in this cube, along with lingerie or sleepwear
  • SMALL: This cube is great for really small items that can easily get lost in the bag.
    • Some of the things you can pack: bras, boxer shorts, undies, bras
    • The small cube is absolutely great so you no longer lose your underwear in the big pile of clothes you are planning to bring. Women will be surprised because the small cube can fit up to 8 bras (with pads!). But if you're not planning to bring that much, you can put in socks here as well. For men, feel free to put in ties in this cube so they won't be scrunched up.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you to organize which you think will be the best cube for what you want to bring. Sometimes depending on the season and place you will going to, you might not even need jackets, which will make room for other things.