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5 Pros and Cons of Packing Light

Posted by Ann on

I'm sure you've come across backpackers once in your life who claim they have been travelling for months. However, when you look at their luggage, you start to wonder how they are able to fit their life in a backpack (regardless of it's size). Believe it or not, some people have even been able to go around the world for months on end with only a 35L bag. 

However, despite this amazing feat, and your huge desire to copy it just so you can avoid those extra luggage fees when you're travelling, this way of travelling is not all that. You have to know the pros and cons of doing it this way. 


1. Avoid extra luggage fees. When all you have a backpack, you're definitely not going to go airlines' limit on baggage weight. This means you'll have more chances to buy souvenirs during your trip and you won't have to worry about paying extra

2. Easier to carry around. One of the real reasons why long-time travelers choose backpacks as their choice of bag is because it is definitely easier to carry around. Imagine yourself going through those crowded airports or streets to the way to your hotel and your lugging around trolley, this is definitely uncomfortable and troublesome. 

3. Avoid losing luggage. The biggest hassle that many people experience when travelling is losing checked-in luggage. This is common during long transits. So when you only have a backpack, it will be with you all the time, no check-in needed.

4. Have more space to for souvenirs. Provided you haven't stuffed your bag to it's maximum capacity, then you can definitely. However, if you have then you can definitely buy the extra bag for big souvenirs and still be on weight point.

5. Less chance of over-packing. When you know you only have limited space, you're forced to think what is only really useful. There is a high chance that you won't end up bring a ton of stuff you will likely not use. 

Now of course, light-packing also have setbacks. 


1. Not a fashion show. If you're thinking of posting a very fashionable photo every chance you get, then it's not going to happen. One of the things that you will be most unlikely to bring would be shoes. Since they're bulky, they will take a lot of space and it's won't be the greatest idea.

2. Gift-buying can be a challenge. Although you do have a extra luggage for the airlines, you may exactly not have the extra space (unless you buy another bag of course), so buying gifts can be a challenge, especially if you're family and friends are wanting really big souvenirs.

3. Hand-washing clothes will be requirement. If you're not used to washing clothes with your bare hands then this could be problematic, because you will definitely be doing on the road. Of course there are cleaners in diff places but it may take a day or two, and if you're not planning to stay long in one place then you're only option is the sink and bathroom.

4. Repeating clothes will happen. Sometimes washing clothes will not work out. Especially if you're washing jeans, and you will be forced to wear clothes repeatedly, even if they're a little smelly. So if you're not used to this kind of lifestyle, then it won't be good.

5. Luxuries is not much of an option. If you're thinking about bring hairdryers, curles, etc, then it's time to let go of this dream because it won't happen. Clothes will be your top-priority and if perhaps you have some little space, then feel free to see what else you can take, but if there isn't, don't force it.

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