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​5 Advantages of Duffel Bag

Posted by Ann R on

Many travelers nowadays opt for backpacks than duffel bags. However, this doesn’t mean that the duffel bag is far less reliable than backpacks. Actually duffel bags remain popular to athletes and some travelers still prefer it over backpacks as they swear it offers more comfort and easier movement.

So what are the advantages of Duffel Bags?

1. More space. It is true that nowadays there are bigger backpacks, but duffel bags have been offering this space for many decades now. It is why the military still prefers duffel bags as their main type of bag for carrying equipment.

2. Less Prone to Back Problems. As people grow older, they develop back problems. This is why backpacks no longer become an option for many. Duffel bags offer bigger spaces with less weight on your back. Since duffel bags can be carried on either shoulders or across the body, the entire upper half body can support the duffel bag without putting strain on particular parts.

3. Less complicated. Backpacks are now modified to carry different types of equipment. The main way they’ve expanded backpacks is by adding more pockets that many people don’t even understand how to use properly. Unlike duffel bags, what you see is what you get. Although there could some side pockets, it doesn’t really take rocket science to figure it all out. Athletes mainly prefer this because all their equipment are inside and easy to grab.

4. More stylish. Yes, backpacks have are also well designed now, but in many people opinions, duffel bags somehow compliments a wider variety of outfits, which is why many stylish people opt for duffel bags.

5. Easier to move in confined spaces. Some travelers still choose backpacks because it is easier to move in confined spaces. When going into planes or jam-packed rides, it can be quite bothersome having to contort your body in removing backpacks. Duffel bags in these cases become great options because you can just sling them around your body for a more comfortable position.