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5 Advantages of Cruise Tags

Posted by Ann on

So you're going on a cruise? You're probably thinking you're not going to need a tag for your luggage because you won't be departing so much from it during the trip. But it's time to stop this line of thinking and get you luggage safety on top priority.  

Why do you need Cruise Tags then and can it be just a simple printed name tag? Not exactly.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should go with tags specifically designed for Cruise Travel:

1. Don't lose your luggage. No matter where you are going, it's will still be outside your home and no one can tell what will happen. An unlabeled luggage becomes a target for many ill-willed people waiting for you to become distracted so they can take ownership of your bag. If you bag has a name inside and out, you are assured that it's not going anywhere without your consent.

2. Easy reunion with your bag. Before your bag get on the ship, you will be separated as the crew member will be loading the bag and delivering it to your room so you can enjoy your first few hours on the ship. With a tag, your luggage will be in your room in no time. 

3. Look like a professional. Do you really want to be on a cruise trip with your luggage tag looking like a crumple paper? I don't think so. It's simply a small price to pay to make sure that you stand out. 

4. Cruise tags are waterproof. You're going to be on water and you will probably be spending a lot of time by the ship's pool as well. You may be wet a lot near your bag and may even end up piling wet clothes on top of your tag. If you simply have a laminated tag or printed one, the name will more likely end up being smudged the first time it gets contact with water, so be smart. 

5. Designed to stay intact. If you will be choosing a good cruise tag, it would include a sturdy strap which will make sure that your tag doesn't tear off from your bag.